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hey, peoples what's up? Srry i haven't posted in a loooooooong time, so um here is a summary of wats happened lately
> In school i just had a book fair so i bought a book, a peace sign dog tag,and a book mark tht says " REduce, Recycle, REcycle.. this bookmark."
>In the book fair this girl i hate named Jennifer said " can i ask u guys a question?" and we were like " what?" and she said " why can't u guys just love and love and love and love each other? why do u guys have to hate each other?" and we were like ok wat eva and she said " it just makes me sad." i was like ok u weirdo like we care wat u think.
> um yesterday i got this permission slip to join the schools soccer club but i cnt go b/c i have this thing called writers club on that day. :(
> today Jennifer asked me for so9me retarded favor and i was like wat eva.
hey guys im so so sorry i havnt updated in a while. its just been hectic lately. My bro is sick,i hate my school,and my rents r doing alot of work. who here really want to c Lovely Bones?i do. the book is really good and ive seen the previews and they look awesome,so if u didnt want to see it u should reconsider that, im so excited to c it and im also excited to c Percy Jacskon & the Olympians. The guy who plays Luke in PJ & the Olympians plays a dude in the LB.
hey guys, so sorry i haven't been on in a while. as usual ive been pretty busy. We had a parent teacher meeting a couple of weeks ago and i wasn't able to go cause my mom was in the hospital, but anyway my friends told me that they were bullying this boy bye knocking down his things( which they don't trust me!!) and they said that my two friends were the middle of the group and that me and my other friend are the followers, which i hate! If she wants me to like this is not the way to start! I told my friend if i were there they would have to hold me back because who knows what i would've said i even told them i wanted to slap her because of that!
Serious she is so retarded. I HATE MY TEACHER!!!!!!!!! i wish she would just quit. I was fine with the other teacher. Oh yea and she kisses but, because she's always saying you r so sweat and kissing up to me and then she goes behind my back and says that im a follower!
Poll #1494669 Team Jake or Team Ed

Who's team are you guys on Team Jacob or Team Edward,pick?

hey guys me and my friends are fighting again, it stinks. The good news is im gonna c New Moon tomorrow!! any ways i can't talk much right now cuz i need to go eat, so bye and good night!!
hey guys im writing a story about this dude who rapes this girl. I haven't finished it yet, but im working on it. I haven't gottin to the part were he rapes her yet. It's gonna take a while for me. In my school we aren't learning anything especially in math, which is my weak point so on parent teacher night my mom's gonna go up to my math teacher and say something about it, which im really happy about because im finally gonna learn something in math so i could have a good future and so i can be well off when i grow up

Writer's Block: Time traveler

If you could go back in time to another decade, which decade would you choose and why? Would you want to return or stay there? What if you could bring one other person with you?

i would so go back to the 60's. I think hippies r cool and funny except that they do drugs, that really stinks. I probable would come back but at the same time i wouldn't because back then it was safer than it is now.
hey guys,
sorry i have updated in a while, ive been really mad at my teachers and the kids in my school and ive been really bussy . today is friday and i had no homework so i have time. I have so much stress on me some of the homework i get in school is like second grade work(not really) it is so pointless. I get alot of homework sometimes and there is this thing after school on Tuesday  called Writers club, thats a fun thing u do, and u just write poems and stuff, its fun but latly i just havent had any insporation and by next week we need to make a funny poem so its like more home work, and i can't do that with out any insparation.

Latly my friends have been fighting and frankly im tired it. i wis it would stop. Most of the time it is for dumb resons. I need some one to calm me down. Sometimes i just go to bed and cry myself to sleep because i need to let out the pain some how cuz i DO NOT wanna cut myself. Thats like the last thing i want to do

If you guys have advise for me to help take the stress away feel free to leave a comment. Thank you

One good thing is that tomorrow is Halloween and i love Holloween. My three friends ( two girl, one boy) and i are gonna be Gothic quadrupulets( four). I love Halloween it is awesome!
Happy Halloween!!!!! :) :) ): 
im so mad. my friends are having a fight just because Valerya said "shut up" to Amelia and Amelia got mad and rolled her eyes and then Valerya got mad because Amelia got mad, and i talked to Valerya if she could just forgive Amelia and she said "im just tired of it i dont wanna be her friend any more, she  gets mad for no reason" i kept asking her but still nothing. this messes every thing up becasue on monday we have a field trip and we r gonna be mad at each other and on Halloween we r gonna b mad at each other 2. this stinks
i just came up with this dumb rap like two seconds ago.. here it is
my name is jessy
and i'd like to say
that everybody knows
what i like to play
the game is soccer
hay hay
now i need to go and play all day
tada lol
P.S. Jessy is not my real name! LOL